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Hi I'm David Dayag
I capture images of space, nebulae, galaxies, planets, and the sun.


Deddy Dayag combined his passions of astronomy, photography and tech and has been capturing stunning images of the cosmos for over 3 years, capturing galaxies, stars, suns, nebulae, planets and constellations thousands and millions of light-years away.

Deddy has been featured on: 

DIY photography

Express UK


Among many other media outlets

More links can be found here:


His works are now available on several NFT collections of unique images & videos of space.

There will be only a handful of items!

How Does He Do It?

Deddy owns 3 telescopes and uses different sets of equipment depending on his needs. For example, the sun was shot using a 152mm Achromat Refractor telescope, made by Israel-based manufacturer Cosmos using ZWO ASI178mm and ZWO ASI183MM cameras.


To be able to have the cameras see the surface of the sun, Deddy utilizes the Daystar Filters Quark Chromosphere, designed specifically for filtering the intense light created on the sun’s surface. 

Desert Sky
Planetary setup
Drone shot of my equipment
My Telescope
Heavy Clouds
Tent Setup
Getting set up
captured with my phone
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